My Baby Turns One!!

Well so much for keeping on top of my blog posts! Apparently January was just as busy of a month for me as December was! I’m sorry I have been so absent but sometimes you just have to take breaks when you have a lot of things going on in your life. I have had my sister here for the last three weeks, my daughters first birthday to plan, and I have started back to work part time. It has been a total roller coaster.

I’m Back From Holidays!

Well hello there folks! I have been mostly absent this month as I went out with H to Chilliwack and spent three weeks there. Shortly after S arrived in Chilliwack the rest of my family followed and we all had Christmas together. It was quite nice to have a Christmas without snow on the ground. Don’t get me wrong I love a good white Christmas but it was nice to escape some of the cold for a while. I didn’t get up to too much in Chilliwack unfortunately but we did go down to the river and pan for a little gold, roast some hot dogs and observe many salmon carcasses. I guess it was the end of their mating season and we were up river where they eventually die. It was kind of gross but it was nice to go into the woods and walk along the river.

The 10-1 At Home Workout

Truth be told-I really, really need to get back into shape. I have been working out randomly since H was born but I need to get back to the consistent routine I had before I got pregnant. I miss feeling in shape and toned. I have essentially lost all my baby weight but everything is still ‘lose’ and ‘jiggly’. It just is not a good feeling and I can’t feel sexy or attractive when I am out of shape.

What Surprised You The Most About Motherhood

Back in October I entered a piece into the Yummy Mummy Club for a contest about what surprised you the most about motherhood, since I have not heard back from them I am assuming I didn’t win haha. So since I didn’t win I think it would be ok for me to put the piece on my blog.

Gift Guide: Baby Edition

Time for another gift guide! This week is for all the adorable babies in the world. This is my daughters first Christmas and it was so fun to look at the options to decide what to get her for Christmas. I didn’t want to go crazy and buy her a ton of things so we bought her a couple of outfits because she was in need of some more clothes. I just went through and donated all the clothing that she has outgrown and her dresser looks pretty bare now. Then we bought her some adorable wooden blocks with letters and numbers on them, and last but on least I got her a stuffed owl that has her name and birth stats on the stomach. I’m still waiting on that to be shipped out, I’m starting to get anxious it won’t be here in time for Christmas even though I ordered it a month ago.

Diaper Cake: Tutorial

I had a baby meet and greet to go to for S’s lovely cousin and I wanted to give her something that I put some effort into because her and her husband helped us out a lot when H was born.
So I got together with another cousin of S’s and we put together a diaper cake. Neither of us had made one before so this cake is not without its flaws but we both felt that it turned out pretty excellent.

Bewitch Me & Titi Link Party-{Co-Host}

Since one of my favorite blogs is turning one I am join in Camilia’s linky party to celebrate! This is a huge link party with 7 blogs participating. What does that mean for you folks? It means a ton of love and a ton of exposure. So visit a few blogs and share some love, let people know that you love their posts.
I will be sure to be visiting a ton of posts, and I really can’t wait to see what kind of amazing things you guys have created to share with us!

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