10 Tips For Your Baby’s Cold

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10 Tips For Your Babies Cold

For the last two weeks my baby has been battling a cold and it got worse about three days ago. It started with just a runny nose with some extra fussiness and clinginess. When she woke up three days ago she had a cough and a fever.
This is probably the worst cold she has had, a high fever with fast breathing and wanting to just sleep all day. I couldn’t get her to eat anything and she didn’t want to drink much either.
So I have found some helpful tips to know when your little one is sick.

1. Try not to panic- this can be hard because as mothers we always worry about our babies. It was especially hard for me not to panic because her high fever brought on rapid breathing. It is good to know this is normal, a fever will increase heart rate and breathing rate.
2. Advil or Tylenol or perhaps a homeopathic fever reducer is a good idea- your baby will be much happier, maybe more willing to eat and have a much better sleep. Make sure you follow the proper dosage, and don’t give a half dose if you don’t want to give them too much or it will be useless.


3. Let them sleep- Don’t worry about your nap routine, the sleep will help them get better. Their little bodies need the rest.
4. Push fluids- Even though they need to sleep make sure your getting lots of fluid in your baby. With a fever it is easy for them to become dehydrated; you can tell they may be dehydrated if they have potent smelling urine, or infrequent wet diapers.
5. Easy to eat foods- I found certain foods H was willing to eat that probably felt good on her throat and were easy to swallow. Things like yogurt, jello, soft pasta, soups, and grapes.
6. A doctor visit- If you are at all concerned go see your doctor or call a health link number to get advice.
7. Sleep together- When your baby is sick they may be extra clingy and need to be held a lot. Be prepared to cuddle your baby all day and sleep together at night if safe to do so. This will help you keep an eye on your baby and allow them more peaceful sleep. This may be needed on just a couple of the more rough nights or maybe more if your baby is extra sensitive or sick for a longer time. Also sleeping in a slightly reclined way may help baby breathe better.

8. Pedialyte Popsicle- We had a hard time getting H to even drink and she was slightly dehydrated so our doctor suggested making Popsicles from pedialyte. It seemed genius; refreshing on the throat, she would eat it and it had some nutrition.

9. Nurse frequently if you can- This will provide nutrition, comfort, fluids, and antibodies for the illness. H had a wee nursing strike but I just kept offering and it wasn’t long before it ended
10. Invest in a humidifier- A good humidifier will help clear out the sinuses. This will help your baby breathe easier, and sleep easier.

Bonus Tip!: Get a good nasal aspirator- If you combine salt water drops with a nasal aspirator and clean out their noses they will breathe easier and that will also make eating an easier task.

I hope your baby feels better soon! Colds can go on for so long sometimes that it just isn’t fair to the poor babies and we have to try and do what we can to make them feel just a little bit better!




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2 thoughts on “10 Tips For Your Baby’s Cold

  1. These are great tips, Crystal! Lulu is now getting over her first cold. Poor thing was so miserable. We used a humidifier, elevated her mattress and I swear I nursed my little snotty baby for a week straight! It is so hard to see your baby sick and miserable.

    Now, if I can get over her cold she shared with me. . .
    Chastity recently posted…Baby Lulu’s NurseryMy Profile

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