My Baby Turns One!!

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Well so much for keeping on top of my blog posts! Apparently January was just as busy of a month for me as December was! I’m sorry I have been so absent but sometimes you just have to take breaks when you have a lot of things going on in your life. I have had my sister here for the last three weeks, my daughters first birthday to plan, and I have started back to work part time. It has been a total roller coaster.

Now my sister has gone back home, H’s birthday part was a great success, and I have worked a few shifts at both my jobs so I’m no longer quite as nervous as going back to work. Although I have not taken H to the day home yet so we will see how that turns out. I’m taking her there today for a little trial run so she can meet the kids there and get a little more familiar with the day home provider. I truly hope she does good because she really hates to sleep and she can be a bit mommy clingy!

Onto more about H’s birthday! We decided to host it at Shakers Fun Center because we had a few other older children attending the part and it gives them something to do and even the adults had some fun with the different arcade games that were there. Dance dance revolution kicked my butt for sure! We had pizza, pop and a delicious ice cream cake! Although it was a miracle that we got that cake at all because the employee’s just couldn’t seem to understand what I was asking for. Needless to say it tasted great and everyone enjoyed it :)


birthday party collage

Oh, oh oh! I almost forgot to mention, on her actual Birth Day we did a cupcake smash! I have seen a lot of people doing a cake smash for their kids birthday but since we were doing an ice cream cake for her party I didn’t want to make a whole other cake so my lovely sister bakes few cupcakes and we let her go to town on one of those. It actually was pretty fantastic, I’m so glad that I did it.


Cupcake Smash

Well that’s all for this post folks, I’m going to go and brain storm some more fabulous posts for you all and attempt to get somewhat back on track with this blog of mine!!

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    1. Hahaha, why thank you! No it is actually wrapping paper from Costco. So I suspect it has probably gone from the holiday season lol. But now you know, wrapping paper works great as a rough back drop lol.

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