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We all want to save money any way that we can, and I have a couple tips to help you out with a few supporting links.


One way to save, that we are aware about, is coupons. There are in-store coupons that you will find on the shelf near the product it belongs to, the printable coupons, and coupons that can be mailed to you. Couponing has gone to the extreme in the past few years, I personally do not have the time or space to extreme coupon. What I do though, is frequent a few of my favorite sites and print coupons for products I know that I will use (or have them mailed if that is the case). Every week you can visit flyerland and puruse the flyers of the stores that you frequent, check and see the prices on some of the products that you have coupons for. If you can find them on sale and use the coupon at the same time you can get the product for 70-80% less than the regular price, sometimes even free!

Some of my favorite sites for getting coupons are websaver,, gocoupons, and facebook!



Storage of Coupons











Another great tactic is to frequent blogs that post different deals, coupons, freebies ect. You can really find some great deals in these blogs. I love getting freebies, which they post often. A lot of the freebies are only small samples but some of them can last you a couple weeks and if you get enough of them your set! They sometimes even host their own contests so you can potentially win some great stuff.

Good sites to check out would be: Bargain Moose, Smart Canucks, and Extreme Couponing Mom


I received the Elle Beauty box thanks to great coupon blog sites!










So check out all these sites and let me know what kind of goodies you receive or how much money you manage to save!


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