I’m Back From Holidays!

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Well hello there folks! I have been mostly absent this month as I went out with H to Chilliwack and spent three weeks there. Shortly after S arrived in Chilliwack the rest of my family followed and we all had Christmas together. It was quite nice to have a Christmas without snow on the ground. Don’t get me wrong I love a good white Christmas but it was nice to escape some of the cold for a while. I didn’t get up to too much in Chilliwack unfortunately but we did go down to the river and pan for a little gold, roast some hot dogs and observe many salmon carcasses. I guess it was the end of their mating season and we were up river where they eventually die. It was kind of gross but it was nice to go into the woods and walk along the river.


December 2013

H had an excellent first Christmas, she even kind of tried to open her own presents. We had a non-traditional holiday dinner of assorted seafood. The clams cooked on the camp fire were probably my favorite. YUM! Everyone got spoiled and played a lot of card games-mostly crib and poker, and had a great time.

After Christmas my sister T came with us to Vancouver and we spent 4 days with some of S’s family. It was great to see them because it was the first time they got to meet H and we had not been out for 2 1/2 years and we missed them. I love Vancouver so much, it was amazing to be back. All the rain, the green, the ocean-it’s all fabulous. We showed T some of the sites of Vancouver, mostly Stanely Park and Granville island. There wasn’t enough time to show her more but we enjoyed our time non-the-less.

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Christmas 2013

Well hopefully I can get back on schedule to making some more frequent posts again! I will be going back to work next week so I will have less time on my hands so hopefully I don’t fall behind because I missed my blogging! :)

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