What Surprised You The Most About Motherhood

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Back in October I entered a piece into the Yummy Mummy Club for a contest about what surprised you the most about motherhood, since I have not heard back from them I am assuming I didn’t win haha. So since I didn’t win I think it would be ok for me to put the piece on my blog.

Please comment and let me know what surprised YOU most about motherhood!


Motherhood is full of Surprises

Motherhood brought a lot of surprises some of which I should have anticipated and somehow failed to. That which surprised me the most was something that I definitely should have known, you see instances of it everyday before you become a mother. What I am referring to is a lack of shame. Before you are even fully welcomed into the world of motherhood your shame goes flying out the window. Let me tell you about the start of it. It all begins during pregnancy with the lovely symptom every woman loves; gas. It cannot be controlled and according to Murphy’s law it must always happen when you are in a crowd of strangers or about to have an intimate moment with your significant other. This is only the beginning folks.

The biggest moment along the journey of shamelessness would be the moment you become a mother. I am referring to childbirth, every part of you is on display for more people than I care to remember. You will be touched, prodded and on display from the beginning to the end of labor. You lose hope of having a glamor labor when you hear things like “Dr. What’s your name, come and take a look this, I don’t think I’ve seen this before” while your nurse is inspecting you under your hospital gown.

After your child is born, you will surpass numerous level of shame like you’re in a video game. I’m talking about poop on your cheek as your grocery shopping you never realized was there, vomit on your shirt you are actually aware of but to exhausted to change out of. There are days were you will forget to take a shower and only slightly care about this because your baby has been up having midnight baby parties for three days in a row. Outside of personal grooming, you will no longer carry any shame when it comes to the cleanliness of your house. As long as there is no mold growing in the corners and there is a relatively safe path leading from room to room, you will be satisfied with how clean your home is.

I am in fact part of a mother group on Facebook where we recently shared all our different levels of untidiness in our homes, we shared them with an almost sense of pride. Who needs a clean home when you have a baby in need of funny faces, airplane rides and cuddles galore. I really shouldn’t have been at all surprised about the lack of shame I would have as a mother, perhaps the DEGREE of shamelessness is what I was truly surprised about. I don’t regret any moments of boobs hanging out, baby food covered clothes or smelling only slightly better than my daughters diaper. I plan to do it all again.

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10 thoughts on “What Surprised You The Most About Motherhood

  1. Shamelessness is very true. I’m not afraid or timid when it comes to talking about poop, etc. For me, motherhood took over my life. I was surprised by that. I was consumed with everything related to my child and if it wasn’t about that, then I didn’t care. It took me awhile to realize how obsess I become and it was a battle to get control of my life – such as hobbies, taking time out for me, etc.
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  2. For the first year of my daughter’s life it was absolutely appauling how little shame I had. As a nursing mother, I would would whip out my boob in front of family & friends without even blinking an eye. I am quite certain that I wore the same house dress everyday for months. (Don’t worry I did wash it) My house did & still looks like Romper Room after a hurricane & I am fine with it. I have a smart, funny & happy little girl who doesn’t care that I haven’t combed my hair since Wednesday. Lol
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  3. The thing that shocked me the most was the overwhelming love I felt. Dont get me wrong I knew I would love my child but I never expected it to be so strong. Even as they grow older that mothering love grows stronger. Especially when they need you as a support in their life. My oldest is going through a tough time at the moment. Every time I see him sad my heart breaks a little bit more. Xx

  4. All my friends who have had kids say this! In a way it makes me worried, but in a way I’m sure what you say is very true, its all more than worth it. I can’t wait to become ‘shameless’ :)
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