How to Survive Teething

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Teething is Tricky Business

Teething is the bane of my current existence. Cranky baby during the day, short or no naps and very little sleep at night. H got her first tooth at 4.5 months, S and I were quite surprised. H barely showed any signs of teething at all, we thought to ourselves “Hurray! We have a baby whom teeth will not be an issue!”

Nay my friends, nay.

Fast-forward 3.5 months and little miss H starts sleeping even more terribly than normal. Even bed sharing and the magical boobs were not doing their job! At first I wasn’t sure what was happening because her gums didn’t look inflamed but then the excessive drooling kicked in and the teeth started playing their demonic game of peek a boo. It took a MONTH before her top two teeth finally cut through the gums.

During that month I needed to find some way to survive my teething baby and ease her pain.

Here is what helped me!

  • Patience- it is not easy to keep your patience when your baby is cranky all through the day and night but you must remember  “they are having a hard time, not giving you a hard time” Your baby will sense your frustration and will become more worked up themselves. Find a happy place or put baby in the crib and go take some deep breaths when you get over emotional.
  • Cold things- Cold will help numb their gums and relieve some pain. Freeze a face cloth and give to baby to chew on. Buy one of those teething rings filled with fluid (there are ones filled with safe liquid in case they pop, i’ve never had it happen yet) and freeze that. Make freezer pops with breast milk, formula or food purees-they will get the numbing effect while also getting some nutrition.
  • Advil- If bed time rolls around and your little is completely miserable and you cannot seem to soothe any other way, Advil might be a good option. Make sure you are using Advil or some other anti-inflammatory because their pain is caused by gum inflammation and Tylenol will not be as effective for this type of pain. Be sure to follow the directions for dosage based on your babies weight and do not use it too frequently.
  • Amber- Many mothers absolutely swear by amber teething necklaces or anklets when used safely. I haven’t purchased either yet but I am going to get an anklet because I figure it can’t hurt. The pure Baltic amber apparently acts as a natural anti-inflammatory when it sits against babies warm skin. I am going to buy mine from Lusso Baby.
  • Frequent Cuddles- You will have to just accept your baby is in pain and needs you and your cuddles more than usual. We bed share whenever H won’t stay as asleep in her crib because we need the sleep and she needs the cuddles.Many parents are not comfortable with this, but if you are then just be sure to follow safety guidelines, listed Here.

No matter what you do your baby will still be uncomfortable but these tips will make things a wee bit easier for everyone, including baby. Hopefully they help you out!


Tiny First Teeth Cutting Through


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6 thoughts on “How to Survive Teething

  1. We are currently working on molars here in my house-have been for months-I swear I just want them to COME. IN. ALREADY.

    I totally know what you mean abut it being the bane of your existence.

    Found you via the Blog Strut! Have a great weekend!

  2. My girl just cut her first tooth this morning (she’s 4.5 months). Just wondering if that means she’s less miserable? Or does it continue even after the tooth is through the gums?

    1. She should definitely become less irritable now that the tooth has cut! It’s different for all babies but in general the inflammation is really hard on their little mouths.

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